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Adding an Album

The photo album is a great addition to you profile. You can upload photos of yourself rocking out or anything to share with the community.

  1. Go to your photo albums section in your profile.
  2. Click on Create Photo Album button.
  3. Enter the title of he album (required) and location or description if you like.
  4. Click Create Photo Album again and you're done.

Adding Photos

We've made it really easy to add photos to an album.

  1. Click on an album you want to add photos to.
  2. Click on the Upload button when you're in the album page.
  3. Click on the browse button in the popup to look for your photo. Follow the directions on the limitations of the photo and also read the terms of service.
  4. Enter a photo caption
  5. Set the privacy (who can see this photo)
  6. Click Upload Photo again and you're done.

Editing Album/Photo Info

If you want to change the title of your album or if you don't like it anymore and want to remove it, please follow these direction:

  1. Click on the pencil next to the title
  2. Change any field you want.
  3. Click save to save your changes or delete to remove the album.
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