Find out how the site works

Adding Friends

We encourage you to be friends on CHORD-C. The purpose of the site is to learn from each other.

  1. Use the members list to add friends.
  2. Check the box next to the member to add them as a friend. Click "Add Friends" at the bottom.
  3. The green checkmark means you're already friends.
  4. Also, under their profile, click on "Be Friends"

Viewing Songs

Songs are easy to find. Sign in required. Everyone's profile has links to their songs in their song collection

  1. In the song list, you will see the title of the song as well as who it was tabbed by.
  2. Click on the title to see the song tab.

Rating Songs

Ratings help our members decide which songs to look at to play. Help others decide if a tablature is worth looking at by giving it a high rating. Be fair.

  1. Hover over the stars with your mouse.
  2. Decide how many stars the song should get. Click it.
  3. Let go of the mouse and your rating will be saved.

Messaging a Member

We all love to get messages. Connect with other members by sending and receiving messages.

To send a message, do the following:

  1. Click on "Send a Message" on the member's profile page.
  2. Enter subject and message, then click "Send Message".
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