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Creating Song Tabs

So, you have a song that you made an awesome tablature for. Now, you want a place to store it and bring it up later to play. Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to "Song Collection" in your profile and click on the "Create Song" button.
  2. The next step will be to type in or paste your song tablature into the textarea and hit save.

Saving Song Tabs

Once you are on the "Create Song" page, you can enter information about your song in the form fields.

  1. Enter as much detail as you would like and please share your songs. We would like to play them on our guitar as well.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click the save button.
  3. Next you will need to add the chord diagrams in the "Updating Song" section.

Adding Chords to Songs

You can add chords by choosing from the list.

  1. Click on the green plus icon to add chords.
  2. Click on the red minus icon to remove chords

Updating Songs

After you create a song, you will be able to update it as many times as you like. The first time you create a song, there will not be any chord diagrams attached to it. You will be able to add chords after you save the song.

Song Collection

You can add songs to your collection from any song listing on the site.

  1. In the songs list, click on the song title to go to that song's page.
  2. Right next to the song title in the song display page, click on the plus icon to add the song.
  3. If the song is already in your shared songs collection, you will see a minus icon. Clicking on the minus icon will remove that song from your collection.
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