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CHORD-C helps you learn over 2,000 guitar chords and play the songs you love. Find friends to learn from or share your knowledge.

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There are 2,820 Guitar Chord Diagrams for your reference. Chords are easily found by Chord Search and the Chord Finder.

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Where you connect with other members and see what everyone is up to. Find shared songs and connect to learn from each other.

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Chord Finder iPhone app

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The advanced chord finder app for your iPhone. Find chords quicker and easier and on the go. Use it to learn, to teach, or to reference from. Learn more...


Scott Clonts, from GA says:

I love your program, it has been very helpful in my playing!

Winford Lowder, Guitarist for 37+ years from KY says:

I have been playing guitar for 35 years. I was never really concerned with theory or learning different styles. I just wanted to enjoy learning…

Aaron McGlone, Guitarist for 17+ years from KY says:

Chord Conquering is revolutionary in its ability to teach and refine the skills of playing the guitar. The ability to have any chord available…

Ray Griffith, Guitarist for 10+ years from TN says:

Chord Conquering is a detailed masterpiece!!! Never before have I seen a guitar program so detailed and easy to follow. Judd Younce has developed…

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