The story behind CHORD-C

Why was Created was created to provide the world with a website that demonstrates the most informative way of presenting guitar chords. Our goal is to enable our users, beginners to advanced, to have at their fingertips, a broad reference of guitar chords. We offer a place to share song tabulatures to practice the chords on and also to allow our users to collaborate and share their musical knowledge.

Revolutionary Guitar Program

This website is intended to be a life long reference for guitarist of all skill levels, newcomers to seasoned veterans. It contains Photos, Diagrams, Animation, and soon String Sounds for 2,820 Guitar Chords! Also included are special features like a Chord Search, and a Song Creator to create and save your own tabbed songs to play. Use the Chord Search to find the hard to play chords and master them at the speed of the web.

2,820 Fabulously Detailed Guitar Chords contains 2,820 chord voicings and 564 unique chord types. For each unique chord type you are presented with five different chord voicings. Each chord voicing is presented with a coinciding picture and diagram. The fingering for the first chord voicing will be located near the first fret and the rest will gradually move up the neck. Voicings refer to how the notes are arranged that make up the unique chord types. You will find open chords, barre chords, broken-set chords, and adjacent-set chords amongst the chord voicings. Open chords are presented first and are usually the only chords you can play when you first start off.

An Astonishing Chord Finder

Have you ever picked up your guitar and placed your fingers randomly on the neck then strummed the strings and wondered what chord is this? Have you ever looked at a song riff and thought this would be so much easier if you just knew what these chords were? This is where the Chord Finder comes into play. Click on the neck of the guitar where your fingers were placed and instantly a chord pops up if it matches one of's 2,820 guitar chords.

Easy to use Chord Search

Find your chords at the speed of light! With the easy to use Chord Search it will only take a matter of seconds to find any chord. Just type in the chord symbol and click "go" or click on any of the suggested chord dropdowns. It's that easy! So throw away your chord books because's in town!

The creators

  • Judd Younce

    Six String Sensei.
    Judd created CHORD-C to help himself master guitar chords. Now, he wants you to benefit from what he has created.

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  • Nor Sanavongsay

    Six String Samurai.
    Nor believes CHORD-C will help him master the guitar chords as well. Take advantage of our free information.

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