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Winford Lowder, Guitarist for 37+ years from KY says:

I have been playing guitar for 35 years. I was never really concerned with theory or learning different styles. I just wanted to enjoy learning a few songs now and then for my own enjoyment. I have had a few lessons but mostly am self-taught and pick up ideas from others. I now have Chord Conquering software by Judd Younce. All I can say is, "where were you 35 years ago?" I remember well strumming that old harmony till my fingers almost bled, fumbling through Mel Bay's Chord Book and trying to make a chord sound like it should without three dead strings. Well guess things have come a long ways since then. Three chords and you mastered most of the rock or surf songs of the 1960's. Chord Conquering is a neat alternative to looking at print plus it has the sound that the chord should produce. I think the best part is the chord finder. When I hear a song I want to learn, I try to find a tab but nine chances out of ten modern songs will have a chord I am not familiar with. Not a problem with Chord Conquering software, just type in the chord and presto it pops up with three or four ways to play it. Most things today are more complicated than they were 35 years ago but if you like playing guitar Chord Conquering software is a must, sure makes playing a lot less complicated.

Sean Dale, says:

I have been looking for a program for some time to demonstrate to my students the principles of chord theory and to be able to identify the notes and sound of the chords. This program does this and more... I am recommending to my students both as a good reference tool as well as a good example of this type of program. Keep up the good work.

Greg Shankland, at Stevie B's Total Guitar from FL says:

Chord Conquering makes it easy to find the fingering positions for the most commonly used guitar chords, as well as many that you probably haven't learned yet! The interface is very clean, intuitive and easy to navigate, while the diagrams and pictures are truly first-rate. The coolest feature by far has to be the way you can take a virtual pick and strum each chord form to hear how it would actually sound - awesome! A great asset to every guitarist, no matter what their level of competence is.

Travis Hall, Guitarist for 18+ years from KY says:

Chord Conquering is an extremely valuable and practical guitar tool that effectively utilizes today's technological resources. This program is easy to install, comprehend, and apply. It offers numerous chord voicings with many variations for each chord. The importance of this capability cannot be marginalized because so many guitarists fall into the trap of only learning "traditional," barre, and "power" chords, but Chord Conquering can help both novice and proficient players expand their guitar-playing arsenal. This program not only illustrates how the chords are played on the fingerboard and which fingers to use, but goes a step further to include the proper sound; something a "chord book" cannot do! In addition, there is music theory for each chord showing how each one is constructed. Chord Conquering has a remarkable feature known as the chord finder. What guitarist has not strummed a chord or have witnessed a chord being played and had no clue as to what it was? This dilemma is no longer an issue because Mr. Younce's software allows the user to note the chord position, including open and muted strings, on a screen-displayed guitar neck to discover the identity of the "mystery chord." I have used numerous guitar learning aids and I have found Chord Conquering to be quite impressive. It offers vital resources to any guitarist while being easy and convenient to use.

Matt Woods, from KY says:

Chord Conquering has really increased my ability to recognize chords. I wasn't too bad about being in the power chord trap, I did know a lot of unusual chords. However, I didn't have a name to go with them. So when someone would ask me what I was playing I couldn't even tell them. But thanks to the chord finder in this software I now have a name with all my chords. I would definitely recommend this software to guitar players of all levels.

Ron Tautic, from CT says:

I've been playing the guitar off and on since the 60's and during these years have become frustrated with my learning abilities due mainly to the lack of good informative instructional books and tapes. I have recently found a program called "Chord Conquering" which is exactly what I have been looking for to break through the barriers that have been holding back my playing all these years and **re-energize** my love of the guitar again. Chord Conquering by Judd Younce Check it out! Judd is one of the many members of my new guitar family...

Ray Griffith, Guitarist for 10+ years from TN says:

Chord Conquering is a detailed masterpiece!!! Never before have I seen a guitar program so detailed and easy to follow. Judd Younce has developed THE program that can assist all types of guitar players. Chord Conquering displays detailed pictures and sounds that give the beginning guitarist a true to life diagram of proper finger placement and sound recognition for a properly stuck note. The real beauty of this program is that it helps advanced players as well as beginners. It has virtually every chord imaginable laid out right in front of you. Even the best of us guitarists have to look things up from time to time. Well now you can, with Chord Conquering at your side. Also included are links to the best guitar tab web sites on the internet, so you can figure out how to play all of your favorite songs, just like the actual band plays it. Chord Conquering is truly a guitar lover's dream. Thanks Judd for a marvelous program.

Aaron McGlone, Guitarist for 17+ years from KY says:

Chord Conquering is revolutionary in its ability to teach and refine the skills of playing the guitar. The ability to have any chord available on one program with the click of a button shows how valuable Chord Conquering is. I would recommend Mr. Younce's program to guitar teachers and players of all skill levels, truly an astonishing piece of software!

Scott Clonts, from GA says:

I love your program, it has been very helpful in my playing!
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